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Snoop Dogg at Stanley Williams rally
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Snoop Doggy Dogg, at Stanley Tookie Williams Rally. Snoop Doggy Dogg I hope will have a change of
heart from being in contact with William's' work with youth. I hope he takes his life and uses it to help end gang warfare between the Crips and the Bloods. And also influence all the various gangs to end the bloodshed on the streets of amerikkka.

"In Germany they first came for the Communists and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I' didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.  Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me- and by that time no one was left to speak up." Pastor Martin Niemoller


Just Say No to the CIA Drug Trafficker

I hate the CIA and Company; I hate the CIA every time I see the sunken cheeks, the mischievous eyes of a loved one who approaches life by bottom lining every interaction for the fix; they live for the high. I despise the CIA because they are the biggest drug dealers unloading poisons on the Nation and turning Warriors into useless myopic zombie sellouts; Judas’ who betray loved ones as they lose their way by becoming ethically bankrupt by bringing pain to all those around them. Family members are traumatized as they watch helplessly as the addict proceeds to self-destruct and goes down. If you love an addict or you are an addict, or a dealer who is driven by the beast, then you know how it can disintegrate lives. Whole zip codes gone into war mode over drugs. The lying, stealing, manipulating loved ones, as they con, conning their way to the next fix. Believe me I know, I got derailed for 10 years in the drug lifestyle with a percentage of addicted “lovers.” The fabrics of our lives were ripped as the drugs of choice overtake life and we all fall into an abyss together. But that's the victims plight; we are the victims who pick up the CIA's line of sprinkled candy throughout the nation; follow the Pied Piper to annihilation. It was a catastrophe that we picked up the bait, since we suffer the consequences; many of our people perpetrate zones of death; dead zones as gangs battle for drug supremacy, other money activities and turf. Now to a rung higher up the empire of the perpetrators of this scene which is being reenacted in neighborhood after neighborhood as our peoples dreams go up in smoke, turn to ashes, as they pile pipes, and syringes up with heroin, PCP, crank, ice. This is not only a personal calamity; it is a national catastrophe and a global pandemic. Could it possibly be more devilishly wicked then it already is? This crisis is a diabolical plan to cause havoc, a strategic move to further an agenda of many objectives. From drugs being used to destabilize a nation, causing a fabricated national emergency, to CIA's drug sales that funds CIA's covert operations. Covert operations, like in Nicaragua, and around the world; CIA funds the Contras & ilk, who killed, raped, cut breasts off, torture, killed the kids, rape the kids in front of the parents, then kill the kids. Wicked behaviors. That type of operations. Just innocent country people trying to survive as hard as it is in poor countries. These death squads get a little help from their friends, the School of the Americas, where sadists master ways to kill, torture and learn the art of being the worst type of human.

During the Reagan reign, secret provisions were drawn up to abolish the constitution. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) prepared facilities for the declaration of martial law during national emergencies. A total of 10 military bases were prepared to receive 400,000 aliens and dissidents during a crisis. Most drugs are imported by the CIA & ilk to create a crisis, a national emergency to destabilize and provide a pretense, a justification to suspend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The War on Drugs has taken on an aura unlike the religious crusades of medieval Europe; burning women alive; the new crusaders are continuing deliberate extermination, as Malcolm X said, from the rope to the dope; more people are dying from overdoses, dirty needles, AIDS, diseases, violence and crimes that permeate the drug scene and we warehouse humans in prisons which are swelling with addicts. The onslaught of the drug hype with aggressive draconian punitive laws, and a wave of 100,000 more goose stepping cops on the beat has lead to more of the same repression of a disproportional number of people of color, despite the fact that the majority of drug users and dealers are white. This posturing has a minuscule effect on the escalating drug crisis; meanwhile our cities are decaying; social programs are sucked dry to feed the military budget. Rip the mask off which obscures these brutal realties; the suffering, the destruction perpetrated by the CIA in collusion with others who would demolish and ravage our lives; understand that those who seek to destroy us, orchestrate the crisis, interest in the small time dealers/users and crowding the prisons are collaborators of this pandemic. On KPFA I heard a Brother say, “Crack was worst then slavery,” (I couldn't imagine this to be true; I felt it my duty to learn about the shameful evil of slavery,) “even when the master raped the African woman, she still protected, loved her child, her anguish and torture at seeing her child taken off to be to be harmed, sold, or killed. But with crack the mom will put her kid in the dumpster for a hit.”

People suspected of drugs dealing lose all possessions without due process of the law. Their bank accounts are frozen so they cannot hire attorneys. This occurs without conviction, indictment or even formally being accused of a crime. The state then owns the assets, according to John Stockwell, the highest case officer to leave the CIA. Stockwell asserts the US government, the White House, the Justice Department under President Reagan were all involved with the protection of drug dealers, as airplanes flew arms to Central America, loaded up with drugs, came back and landed at National Guard and Air Force bases as the CIA looked the other way. The Drug Enforcement Agency published in the 1970’s that the CIA had intervened in 27 cases to block the prosecution of drug smugglers on the grounds of “National Security.” DEA, Customs and the FBI officers have had similar experiences.

Abundant documentation proves the CIA is the primary orchestrator in the lethal infusion of drugs into our lives. For 40 years American and allied intelligence forces played a major role in expanding and protecting the global drug trade empires. CIA's intimate contacts with international drug cartels, protecting, abetting and allowing copious amounts of opium, heroin, cocaine to flood the shores of this country, which massively increased drug addiction, gang activities and street crime. The CIA covert operations spawned a heroin boom in the Golden Triangle; the mountain regions of Laos, Burma, Thailand and China's Yunnan Province. The Christian Science Monitor reported, “Clearly the CIA is cognizant of, if not party to, the extensive movement of opium, out of Laos. One charter pilot told me that “friendly” opium shipments get special CIA clearance and monitoring on their flights southward out of the country.” The CIA proprietary airline, Air America transported heroin according to Alfred McCoy who wrote, The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia” Not only was the CIA flying heroin to its second market in USA, but by the end of 1970 its first market of 30,000 servicemen in Vietnam, came home with a monkey on their back.

It was back in the 60’s when Edgar Hoover hatched the plan to drop heroin into the black communities to derail the growing Black Panther Party. The idea was that a heroin addict would cause chaos in the community, and it would swell the ranks of addicts. Everyone knows addicts only have the high in mind, the next fix; then who would have the conviction to fight the powers genociding us? It is chemical warfare; once smallpox blankets for the Native Americans, now hard drugs for all.

The 1986 Senate Foreign Relations Committee revealed the CIA stopped federal drug investigations of Contra supporters to prevent evidence of their drug operations from spreading. Senator John Kerry said, “In the name of National Security we can produce specific Law Enforcement Officials who will tell you that they have been called off drug trafficking investigations because the CIA is involved or because it would threaten National Security. I am incensed at the notion that in the name of National Security we are allowing drugs to come into this country.” More testimony indicated several billion dollars a year of coke was imported under the CIA/Contra deal. According to the LA Weekly, under Reagan’s era, coke importation by the Colombian Medellin Cartel totaled 65% of all coke in USA. By 1987, the amount of coke was over 100 tons. Former undercover Drug Enforcement Agent, Michael Levine of 25 years exposed the CIA as drug pushers in his books, The Big White Lie and Deep Cover. “The CIA is Americas primary supplier of cocaine,” said Levine. His friend Castillio, a DEA agent who was in charge of El Salvador when North's Contras were running coke by the ton to USA, was told to ignore it by the US Ambassador, Edwin Corr.

The CIA is linked to the crack epidemic. Gary Webb documented this (did he kill himself; could he not live to fight another day or was he murdered? Rest in peace.) in his expose in the San Jose Mercury News. During the 1980’s a San Francisco drug ring sold coke by the ton to Los Angeles street gangs to fund the CIA’s Contras according to declassified federal reports, court testimony and interviews. Bay area drug dealers, Contras, the Crips and the Bloods were all in a trio of destruction. The government did not prosecute known drug king pins who where responsible for the crack plague in LA which bleed out nationwide. The CIA in the mid 80’s pulled together the remnants of the Nicaraguan Samosa's scattered national guard and President Reagan gave the Contras $19.9 million, but it wasn't enough, so Norwin Meneses, “King of Drugs” (under investigation by the FBI & the DEA for cocaine trafficking into the USA) was allowed to resettle in USA in 1979 as a political refugee, given a visa, work permit and he began a business venture with the CIA by poisoning Los Angeles for 6 years with thousands of kilos of coke.

This is not about disrespect so if this infuriates a gangbanger, let me live; spare me, you know deep down that we need to turn back to goodness. Our world has become a cesspool of horrors and we need to swim past the madness. Money and power can destroy and corrupt. Patriarchy causes mayhem and wars, but that doesn't mean we, as a people must emulate these merchants of death. We have role models, our heroes; Jesus Christ, Zapata, Che, Malcolm X. What happened to the code of conduct? In the old days mano a mano, now drive by and shoot whoever happens to be in the way. A soldier follows orders blindly: the debacle in Iraq; kill for oil. A Warrior follows a higher calling in preservation of things of value, children, women, elders, community and environment. Children need healthy loving families and environments so they will be less tempted to hurt themselves and others. Materialism and power are nothing. Did we leave the world better because of our coming or did we add our mark of darkness, where people who knew us curse our existence because all we did was cause suffering, pain, havoc and chaos? Should your mother have had an abortion and prevented your existence? Are you a waste of oxygen, just one more problem added onto the planet? Disturbed psychopathic “parents” create crazy humans that then can only destroy and cause pain to the rest of us who are just trying to maintain

To the Convicts in and out of the penitentiaries who make the laws, customs for street culture, don't be the suppliers of our misery and undoing. There are targets to be neutralized, aim higher up in the food chain to the ones who conspire and lust for our genocide. We must rise above this curse the CIA & ilk, has put on us. We most not partake in our own destruction by becoming enemies to communities, our children and ourselves. The dangerous land mines of Meth, crack, heroin, drugs that corrupts life, all the poisons to sniff; glue, carburetor fluid and other toxins that destroy brain cells, liver and vital organs are hard to navigate. In Santa Cruz a UCSC student who was minding her business, was beat half to death, with her head cracked open. How far down and depraved can one go to get loaded? These men on meth changed that girls life forever. So young and that brutal act will haunt her for the rest of her living days. Take her money but why the brutality? There was no reason and there is no excuse. What occurred in their childhood's that deprived them of a conscience? I had a hellish life with racist attacks, men sexually assaulting me, trying to kill me at every turn, I'm not going around destroying other peoples lives and happiness for my selfish narcissistic needs because I long to escape reality, because reality sucks. I'm not screwing over everyone in my radius. I'm not lying, conning, robbing, stabbing, beating, raping, killing, brutalizing them to get high. Even if I want to get obliteratedly high to forget my sorrowful past, I would never harm anyone doing so, I did it ethically, not undermining myself. If I do harm it will be a revolutionary act of retaliation against those who would ecocide us. Everyone is fighting a great battle; so don't add to people's problem riddled lives by superimposing your version of shit cause you had a bad life. Wake up, its hard to be alive regardless of who we are. Women have been pulverized for 5 thousand years and they aren't retaliating, having violent temper tantrums globally. A female whose been violated, her space in the world has been altered, her view about being safe is shattered, her wings have been clipped, her soul scarred. If every female whose been brutalized killed their perpetrator, we would de populate. The female suffered with Foot binding (try walking on a three inch foot, it was impossible -they had to be carried) Suttee, (India when the husband dies, they burn him, throw the wife on the burning pile too.) Infibulization, Excision, Female Circumcision. In many countries, female genitals are cut off. She is sewn, but not before they measure the man's erect penis she is marrying; they put a stick in her vagina to his size so the wound will not close. When he has “sex” his penis cannot pierce scars, fist fuck and finally cuts her open to have “sex.” She is sewn up till the next time. Neck and leg binding; carry a hundred pounds of metal, rape, incest, molestation, killing, battery, child pornography, trafficking of women and children. Leave us be, we are licking wounds after having men standing on our backs for 5000 years; don't add to the burden by not having control over self. Marital artists’ strength is being in control; seek peace first; verbal technique, physical action is used last. Attacking women is not strength, its weakness, the weakest of all; men surrounding a female, beating her down to die. Brutalizing women and children is spineless, weak, shameful, and cowardly. Not warrior like. Those who wear crosses, tattoos of crosses, the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ; Jesus would shed tears at the level of depravity humans have lowered themselves to. Don't claim Jesus Christ (that goes for bush/ilk  too) if you devastate, plot evil schemes, derive pleasure from pain inflicted, like a shark feeding on humans reduced to lumps of life in the maws of the bloodthirsty parasites savoring the downfall of those they come in contact with. We all have to choose for ourselves, Good and not so Good.  I don't like to use the word evil. So much of this is perpetrated on us, but then we turn around and perpetrate the same evil on ourselves, our loved ones and on our communities. Meth etc…can really turn a person evil, or be weakened enough to make really bad horrific decisions. And ultimately it benefits our collective enemy. Please think about these things. If you need drugs; expand the horizons within, elevate the spirit in a sacred manner, responsibly- LSD, mushrooms, marijuana, and peyote, Ibogaine, Ayawaska, a little hash amongst friends. Many cultures of old used drugs for various reason; spiritual and for pleasure. Goddess worshipers in the good old days; loved sex, dance and sacred substances. The patriarchy rendered sex evil; then dance, once a common manner of worship was banned, forcing practitioners to sit, and demonizing sacred substances. Reclaim our roots; sex, drugs and rock and roll! Avoid all white stuff and heavily processed, stick to the natural and the organic way not the route of the Pied Piper of ruin, debauchery and genocide who lures the bait, tempting us to our destruction by their alluring siren song and the rocks/ruin/doom are imminently oncoming.
The choice is ours.
Not from the rope to the dope.

Where are the Warriors?
Calling forth the Warriors.

Hasta La Victoria,