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ella in xalapa mexicoXalapa
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ella babyella baby yawingNew Jersey

ella babyella christmasNew Jersey

ella swatter   ellaNew Jersey and Xalapa

family of the seneres
The Seneres Family

ella looking at terry after being shouted at   Terry and puppyNew Jersey

ella the seeking the truth of thingsella on the pavementXalapa

ella got her gunElla Got her Gun. Xalapa

ella and terry on elephant     gloria seneres benedetiiMexico City/ Xalapa

Enedina my second momXalapa. Enedina Portilla, my other mother.

 ella and this may have been one of the men who molested me.Ella in pieces a testiment to sexual violence

The guy holding the rein, might have been one of the guys who molested me. The image of me fragmented; for the 18 times I was sexually harassed, molested, attempt rapes, attempt murders. I felt until recently I was fractured beyond repair. Longing that my mind and heart comes to a peaceful beat once again before my life was set on fire with suffering and torment by men's sexual abuse. May we be unmolested, unraped, unviolated. Let men come into balance, and seek to harm no children, women or the planet. Peace Out.