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frog deformed my nuclear fertilizer
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Radioactive fertilizer is good for you
Fruits and vegetables fertilized with sewage sludge with heavy metals, dangerous viruses, and dioxins, PCB's, pesticides and hundred of other toxic substances. About 60,000 toxic substances, chemical compounds and radioactive contaminants end up as sewage sludge. Companies convince people it is safe since their product says 100%natural organic. Covert Action 1996, Issue 55

Kerr McGee Corporation has a large-scale toxic waste disposal that recycles radioactive uranium tailings into fertilizer for 10,000 acres of pastureland. “Raffinate” was used for 10 years and Okayed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. New York Times Nov. 16 1987. 18,000 tons of hay grown with this “fertilizer” was sold to ranchers and diary farmers. Alas, the result: mutations, growths on animals in the area of Oklahoma were they experimented. Company does its own testing to see if it is harmful. Hmm. Safe they say even though it has 18 heavy metals, lead, arsenic, copper, solidium, cadmium, molybdenum, radioactive uranium and 9 legged frog where the fertilizer was used.

The industry “recycles” its contaminated metal into cars, appliances, jewelry, toys, cookware, bikes, frying pans, and baby strollers and glasses. August 2002 Mother Jones. They use radioactive steel containing traces of tritium, strontium 90, and plutonium 239 salvaged from defunct nuclear facilities in laptop computer batteries, toasters, children's furniture and baby strollers. In 1996 the European Union issued Council Directive 96/29, Euratom, legalized using recycled rad-scrap in consumer products. Radioactive bikes, toys and eyeglasses flooded the Asian markets. Earth Island Journal Summer 1998

Appliances, jewelry, toys, cookware, frying pans, hundreds of LA Z boy rockers, the springs contained radioactive metals were recalled. Susan Q. Stranahan. Mother Jones, July- August 2002

Ah, now we can loose sleep over the metals; are we sleeping on radioactive beds? Cooking up that yummy veggie meal in a plutonium pan? Or cancer causing eyeglasses due to avaricious consuming greed, the insatiable desirous acquisitive seeking and hoarding of riches, capitalism at its best; only thinking of themselves, the true narcissism at its purest form, killing to make a buck.

Karen Silkwood died on Nov. 13, 1974 when she was driving to Oklahoma city to deliver a folder full of health and safety violations regarding the Kerr McGee corporation to Drew Stephens, a New York Times reporter, and Steve Wodka from OCAW representing, legislative director Tony Mazzocchi, however her car went off the road, skidded for a hundred yards, hit a guardrail, plunging off the embankment and was killed in the crash, and alas the folder vanished. Her home showed high levels of plutonium in the apartment, in the bathroom, and especially in her refrigerator. An investigation by a private detective concluded, her car was most likely forced off the road by another vehicle, a dent in the rear bumper showed metal and rubber fragments. The jury in 1979 awarded 10 million inpunitive damages; against Kerr McGee for plutonium contamination, clearing Silkwood of allegations she stole the plutonium to further her cause against the company. It found Kerr-McGee was negligent; someone planted plutonium in her apartment.