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Helen Caldicott
Some of my heroes
fred hampton jr
john stockwell x cia agent alice walker author activist
Fred Hampton Jr.
x-cia agent John Stockwell
Alice Walker
caroline casey astrologer and activist dolores huerta ufw
elie weisel
Caroline Casey
Dolores Huerta
Elie Weisel
jessie jackson headwaters activists save the forests cuba flags
Like the photo....
Headwaters. Save the Forest Nation
Cuba. Viva Fidel and Che
martin Sheen at anti war rally ed asner
Danny sheehan of the Christic Institute
 Martin Sheen
     Ed Asner
                      Danny Sheehan


            Isabell Allende

nun up at nevada test site vietnam veterans against the war, winter soldier organization howard zinn historian and activist
Nun at Nevada Site laying a rock, if each did their part; cared enough to act; we would be farther along in securing the world. Why do activists demonstrate on contaminated land?  I became ill in 1991, after being there. Wrote to Greenpeace twice, no  respond.
Vietnam Veterans Against the War- Winter Soldier Organization; I was involved in Santa Cruz.
Howard Zinn.
fidel castro cuba rally against us imperiallism

Fidel Castro. 1978. It was drizzling in Havana. As Fidel stepped up, the sun came out. Thousands were marching back and forth singing, shouting, laughing. Cuba is a spectacular example of what people can do to better life with free medical and education for all. A poor country but with so much balls and ovaries. VIVA CUBA