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Hopi Indians
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The Hopi, the Peaceful Ones keep a set of sacred stone tablets with teachings, instructions, and prophecies detailing a life plan for harmonious balance. The older brother, with a set was sent to the East. Upon reaching his destination, he was to return to look for his younger brother to help bring about the Purification, when wickedness would be routed from the land and balance restored. The younger brother would know the older brother because he was light complexioned, would have the matching tablet and would wear a red cap or red cloak. A petroglyph records the prophecy. In the lower left corner are a bow and arrow, representing the material tools the Great Spirit who stands to the right of the implements given to the Hopi. The Great Spirit points to his path; straight up. An upper path to the Great Spirits right is the white mans way. Two whites and one Hopi symbolizing the Hopi who forsaken the old traditions, walk this line. A vertical line joins the path of the white man with that of the Hopi, indicating their contact. Three large circles represent, World War I, World War II and the Great Purification. Then the Great Spirit returns; food and water is abundant; the world is made well. The white man's path becomes more and more erratic until it is but a series of dots that eventually fade away. A quartered circle in the lower right corner is the symbol for the spiritual center of the North American continent; Old Oraibi. This circle symbolizes “Together with all nations we protect both land and life and hold the world in balance.” The knowledge of world events has been handed down in secret religious societies of the Hopi as the leaders of each generation have watched for a series of three world shaking events, each accompanied by a symbol; swastika, sun and the color red. Out of the destruction of each world shaking experience, the strongest elements would emerge with a greater force to produce the next event. As the Day of Purification arrives, the lost White Brother (The Pahana) will bring with him the missing piece of the sacred tablet kept by the Hopi Elders. When the two pieces come together it will make it whole. With Him will come 2 helpers. One will carry the swastika, a male symbol of purity and a Cross, female symbol of purity. The second will carry the symbol of the sun. These two will shake the earth. There will be massive explosions felt throughout North and South America. If these 3 fulfill their mission, finding a few Hopi who steadfastly adhered to the teachings, they will lay out a new life plan and the earth will become new as it was in the beginning. The people saved will share everything in common, speak one tongue, and adopt the religion of the Great Spirit. But if the 3 sacred beings fail in their mission and people remain corrupt, the Great Spirit will send, one from the East, portrayed by a red hat and cloak, whose people will have a huge population and will invade in a single day, being unmerciful, destroying the earth to such a degree that only the ants will be left to inhabit it. The sky will darken with them as they come from the East, aerial invasion darkening the heavens like a locust swarm. Transform to higher consciousness to prevent catastrophe, but if we reject the knowledge from the man dressed in red whom will come from the East to reawaken us then the negative Red comes. On the Great Day of Purification, the forces of the swastika, the sun and a third force with the color red, culminate in either total rebirth or total annihilation of all life, the choice is ours. Total transformation of consciousness or total destruction. World purifiers shake the planet to release negative planetary karma. Wars would come like powerful winds. The degree of violence is determined by the degree of inequity among people. The rich and poor will be force to struggle as equals to survive. Humans may still lessen the violence by correcting their treatment of nature and humans.

If the True White Brother brings the cross within the circle all will be well, but if he appears with the cross, the Red Man should prepared for Purification. The cross came with the Missionaries and Indian blood flowed like rivers. Buddhist Red Hat sects, the Great Vajarayana Master of the original Red Hat Sect in the 8th century said, “When the iron bird flies and horses run on wheels, the Tibetan people will be scattered like ants across the world. The Dharma will come to the land of the Red Man.” 

Some of the prophecies; White skinned would take their land. Who struck their enemies with thunder. Spinning wheels of wood filled with voices; Wagons. Whites would bring wagons hooked to each other, pulled by something other than a horse; Railroad trains. A strange beast like a buffalo with great log horns will overrun the land in large numbers; cattle. Snakes of iron will cross the prairie; railroad tracks. Roads in the sky, the land shall be cross by a giant spider web, cobwebs; phone and power lines. The land crossed with rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun; roads with shimmering mirages. Sea turning black and many living beings dying because of it; oil spills, dead regions in oceans. Youth will wear their hair long like the Indians and join the Tribal Nations to learn of their ways. There will be many good white people who will one day understand us and help to preserve and maintain our spiritual way of life for they will recognize soon that the only way to salvation for them in the future is to help us. Two brothers will build a ladder to the Moon. The USA and Russian “moon race” to land men on the moon. The white men would put his house dwelling in the sky that would crash. This is one of the last signs. It will appear as a blue star. July 11, 1979 space platform Skylab crashed and looked like a “bluish tail of flames.” After that the time of Great Change would be near. A Gourd full of Ashes would be invented if dropped from the sky and would cause great destruction by boiling rivers, spreading strange incurable diseases, burning the land and causing nothing to grow for generations. This will signal the end of all life unless people correct their sinister and corrupt ways. Almost all of humanity will die off by fire. The Hopi will be the only ones left because they remembered the Truth. Each individual chooses to be good or bad. The bad people will be destroyed. When evil forces take over then corruption is pandemic. A place where the leaders of the world gathered, “great house of mica standing on the Eastern shore of our land.” Mica is a glasslike mineral; The United Nations building. 3 times they were to go to the house of Mica, and if rejected, they were to await the Purification. 1948, 1974, finally in 1976 at the United Nations a Hopi spoke.

The Great Spirit warned the Indians to not accept anything these invaders offered. Many things were offered, papers to sign, but the Hopi refused and never signed a treaty with US government or any nation. The Hopi live with the rocks, sand, a few trees, haling water, and minimum use of technology but all around them the land is being destroyed, devastated by strip mining, oil and uranium extraction, shrines are destroyed, burial sites bulldozed, ash rain, air pollution, uranium tailings, illnesses from these metals, watersheds, watering holes, deep wells used to cool 23 power companies which dried up springs and water tables, families forced from homes, grazing lands, live stock die from drinking polluted water, blasting noise, vehicles, mining equipment create dust and mow down Juniper and Pinion; trees that took hundred of years to grow destroyed in minutes, other vegetation crushed. Uranium was not to be removed until after the Great Purification otherwise it would be used for selfish gains and evil endeavors.

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