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Dedicated to the ones who knew me in Kenya

kenya milage to other cities flamincoLake Navasha     
drawing of palm tree lamuthree giraffs



lamu lamu


kisumu Kisumu Kenyadrawing of elephants
On the road to Kisumu                          
On the path to Kisumu looking for fields of marijuana; it was rumored
you could run through the fields naked and scrap the hash off.      


lion cubskenya rugby field

On the path to Kisumu

slaughter for the white ivoryelephants
Stop the slaughter of the beloved animals. We lust for the white gold.

wounded Knee Kenya's Front page
Wounded Knee on the front page of the Daily Nation.

ella by sign chettahs

group of cheetahslions
lions zebra taking a poop

 giraff close up and personalbig king lionlions doing the wild thang
gazettegiraffs in fielddrawing of giraff
zebras at water holecolor giraff

hyposwater buffalo drawing of zebra
 kenya bans hippiesdrawing of group of animals

Song to Ella

I'm heading for the mountains;
I cant be a city girl with all the human animals in their concrete world.
Hey did you see, they cut down our tree,

There building a new highway where it used to be
It is no good, this place used to be wood

You killed the land machine man; you can't bring it back again.
I’ll build myself a cabin it will be so fine

I’ll grow myself corn,
I’ll milk some cows, and drink some moonshine
Come on now we got to try to make these people see
Imagine if the whole world would think like you and me.
Libby Johnson1973   Kenya

ella in yearbook trees on Nairobi International SchoolfistThe tallest trees on campus
The power to the people fist is my drawing.
Nairobi International School 1969 to 1973

drawing of tentjewsharp Chris Sseneres party in Nairobi
The next 5 photos are my brother's Magic show party. It was the happening thing. My old jewharp I used to play at schools,
at parties, and certain fields.

Chris Seneres party Chris Seneres party in Nairobi

chris seneres partyChris Seneres at party
Karen Vedel and Ella in MombasaJulie and Libby
Karen Vedel and Ella, Mombasa     
Julie Kornegay and Libby Johnson                                                                 

Karen Vedelkathyrn Erhorn
Karen Vedel
  Kathy Erhorn                  

Gloria Seneres and Ella in Mombasa Rollin rift valleyRollin
Gloria Seneres and Ella in Mombassa
Rollin in both photos, Rift Valley.                                                                                                                                                       
eve and pudi with herbKenyan friends
Eve holding Pudi, herb          
           Julie, Claire,  Robin, Julie, Libby, Martha, Ingred                           

off campus on nairobi international schoolletter about drugs on campus
Gina Doggett off campus with friends.          Article about Drugs on Campus

letter about drugs and students

ella with Kathy Erhorn's dog with my herbwayne and ella
Ella, Kathy's dog, my Morning Freshness behind me.
Wayne Barnes a friend of mine, I'd love to find him.                                                                                                                 
ella with gypsie named after Jimmy Hendrix in front of herbElla as hippy on the departure of Chris
Gypsy named after Band of Gypsies, Jimi Hendrix, herb
Ella as the Hippie she was                                                                   

stoned on life
drawing of marijuana for my biology classmore biology class marijuanabiology of marijuana
Biology class at Nairobi International School. I studies the marijuana plant very very carefully.

Herb in back yarddrawing of people cleaning herb
Tips of Marijuana at the bottom of drawing.
A group cleaning a stone of marijuana at Lake Navasha                                          

rolling papersdrawing of circles on herb
Old Rolling papers, with Vice President Spiro Agnew, whom I shouted at to end the Vietnam war, when he was visiting Nairobi.
Drawing of circles dedicated to Jimi Hendrix and Woodstock Nation.

Thika party timeThika kenyaThika
Thika outside of Nairobi, where anyone who was anyone partied at Pat's spread. Where I smoked my first joint
on a huge ant hill.

Thikaafrican children
Please support Motherly Care Children's Home
P.O.Box 3271, Nyayo Stadium
, Nairobi Kenya, East Africa
www.motherlycare.org  Bank of America  account number 381004427159
africazebradrawing of butterfly
monkeyjohn Seneres drawing of crocodile

Most of the photos taken by John Seneres, all the cartoons of animals by John.