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Ohlone Indians Sacred Burial grounds ink drawing
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Poetic Fury.
John Trudell in 1979 burned an american flag on the steps of the fbi building in Washington dc. Within 12 hours his wife, her mother, his three children were burned alive in their home. While in jail an inmate warned him if he didn't stop his activism his family would be killed. Loss plunged him to a deep stupor of despair, giving birth to his poetic voice. It was uncovered by a Freedom of Information suit in 1986 that the fbi was busy from 69-79 piling 17,000 pages on him. fbi said, “Trudell is intelligent, eloquent with the ability to stimulate people to action. He has the ability to meet with a group of pacifists and in short time have them yelling and screaming “right-on.” In short he is an extremely effective agitator.”

Trudell’s Speech. “The technologic world feeds off the spirit, mines the spirit similar to the plunder of the planet. Self doubt, lack of self trust are forms of pollution too that works well for the navigators of the technologic civilization. The descendants, the ancestors of the world's tribes fought against the attacking technologic predator and its dominator male god who was removed from the earth. The European Tribes opposed the inquisition, but through terror, brutality and violence, the dominator attacked the women. The whole purpose of sexism is to mine the resources of this planet; it was a bulldozer, it was an oil well, it was a way of mining the planet. They separated the people's consciousness from their life with the earth. Women became the targeted enemies because the Tribal Ways were built around respecting the Earth as the Mother, as a Female. By the time the Tribes of europe landed in amerika, they had been driven “insane” not knowing right from wrong. This happened because the inquisition ruled over europe for 500 years establishing supreme authority of the patriarchal church. Raising a finger against the church meant automatic guilt. You had to tell them names and you would in the torture; all the names you could think of. They were then guilty, had to be tortured and they gave up more names. 500 years of behavioral modification by terror. Genocide is not just against the People, its against the Trees, its against the Gold, the Oil, the Water. The predator is a mindset, a consciousness that even resides among our own people feeding off of us. The predator uses all types of avenues to destroy the Soul. The continuous bombardments of advertisements are little attacks on the Spirit. The predatory world is a harder world with harder lessons, but it does not mean, our value is less. Our value becomes less, our Spirit starts to die, starts to drown when we turn our backs on what we know. People can learn from any negative traumatic experience; it helps clarify what to do, what not to do. People shouldn't make it into something to carry and create density that darkens our light, weighs us down. If the experience teaches one not to perpetrate then it's taken care of; the cycle of abuse is broken and ends there.

The pilgrims were proud; their justifier, their god was proud of what they did, vets were proud of napalming Vietnam; fbi killed at Pine Ridge and were proud. Everything the dominator did in their madness, they were proud of. I question my own pride, born from seeing to many John Wayne movies. What does pride really mean? Does it mean you can flip out on me any second if I say the wrong thing, or look the wrong way or walk on the wrong street. That's reality to me, man, I was an abused Citizen. Drinking and all excess of everything, all the ism's, sexism, racism, classism was a deliberate systematic programming from the dominator. Programming for powerlessness, isolation and apathy. This is done to confuse and cloud people so there not clear, then the dominator has power over them. The predator tries to convenience the oppressed that they are conquered and defeated. Predator mentality convinced Women they were stupid, Blacks were property, Indians enemies, poor white males were nothing and all of them were not able to participate in the founding of Democracy, even though they were the majority. america is not a nation following its own laws, if so they would have not broken 180 treaties with the American Indians.

Bill and Al are your enemies; the reason there president and vice-president are because there were some shackles they wanted to but around the people's legs. But the people would run and scream if George and Dan tried to put them on, so Bill and Al go to do it. Janet Rino was there to clean up the blood tracks left by the fbi in Waco. They were accused of a crime, never tried and shot. The mass TV hypnotized Amerikans were desensitized enough to accept it. It was mass murder. The people continue to tolerate; its like cannibalism, amerika is getting ready to eat its future. To eat it's unborn. We all are being asked to participate in this. People go along with it because of the lack of trust and respect for ourselves. Waco reminded Trudell of the nazi war criminals who were brought to amerika by the united states government. The knowledge derived from mingalas death camps was not left idle; it was used to advance the technologic madness.” While Trudell was jailed for use of the F word to a Marshall he read how adolph hitler's assumed power because of crime. “The citizens rolled over and played dead. It's uncanny today, we want to hire more police, but their not going to arrest the people who looted the Saving and Loan are they? That was treason. The Saving and Loans created a tremendous economic debt the younger generation, when they assume power will not achieve economic and political authority simultaneously. People will beg for work, accept any injustice to get a job, fighting to be a slave. nafta will establish an economic council to protect free trade by making decisions that will become law and will superimpose over any local laws. If a corporation complains that a local law interferes with the trade, local law will be nullified. You're being asked to stand up and defend a government and a way of life that they are ready to abandon. When I see them pathetically wandering around in confusion, powerlessness and allowing the world to be eaten in such a way that their descendants will not have a chance, then I see they have been spiritually severed from their future and severed from their beginning because there's no respect for their ancestors. There could be hope if people decide to use their imaginations, creativity, minds, if they accepted and trusted their decisions, instincts and intuition about what is right and wrong and acted on those decisions. Participation of enough People would create Power, impact and this influence would be felt. Power resides in coherence and clarity of though, telling the Truth to ourselves and to evolve and outwit the predator, not from the barrel of a gun. Real power is our responsibility and connection to the Spirit of the Earth.  It was apathy and self indulgence that allowed inhumanity to thrive. Not to fool and mislead ourselves, good intentions are not enough it takes commitment. People need to protect what must be protected. We should line up with the Earth and do what is necessary to protect the Land.