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Woody Harelson
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Woody Harelson at Headwaters. Saving the forests. His political button says, US out of North America.

Song for Kali
By De Clark

Mother I am taking my knife
I am going hunting

I have many sisters
I have much to avenge; I have strong
family feelings, strong family
strong feelings; I sit
on the step, sharpening my knife

I am going after the doctors
who prescribed DES and the doctors
who designed Dalkon Shields and the doctors
who gave sedatives instead of exams and the doctors
who experimented on the poor women and the doctors
who were too stupid to wash their hands
who recommended electroshock
who gave back room abortions
and front room Valium
who endorsed tampons
and jailed the midwife

I am sharpening my knife

I am going after the Boston Strangler
the Hillside Strangler the Westside Rapist
Stinky the Rapist Jack the Ripper and Larry Flynt--
we shall be short of heroes

When the nice man is pulling the little girl into his car
I will be behind his seat; when the husband
is systematically battering his wife
I will step out of the refrigerator
surprise I am a knife

were the drill sergeant teaches his men
about rifles and guns, where he calls them cunt
and beats them into killers I will be
under his bunk, surprise. where the soldiers fuck
the women to death in the mud, I will be
waiting in the trunk, surprise; what do I care
who taught them?

I am hunting, I am everywhere; and Kali
knows me

were the judge rules the woman's life
worth less then the embryo's I will be
behind his office door, surprise, I am
a knife. where the boss cans the women
because his workplace is poisoning them
where the company clinic smiles and lies
where the board of director's looks aside
from the Love Canals, from the Oregon lakes
spiked with 2,3,5-T, I will be, they will meet me
in the dark
a knife

mother I am going hunting
I am taking my knife no gun
don't wait up they will kill me
long before I am done
I will bring you no trophy
but Kali
knows me